ISQUA will take the global lead in breaking the Second Victim taboo


ISQUA webinar

On March 14, 2017 I had the priviledge to speak to an international community of Healthcare leaders, all interested in the support of Second Victims after Adverse Events. The webinar was hosted by ISQUA (International Society for Quality in Healthcare) and followed all over the world. The webinar is part of the ISQUA fellowship program, but this webinar was an open webinar. 23% of the participants came from Africa & Middle East, 16% from North America, 5% of South & Central America, 37% from Europe and 19% from Asia-New Zealand-Australia and the Pacific Islands. The audience consisted of Healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers. 18% of the delegates was already involved in a patient safety incident with permanent harm of an incident in which the patient died.

It was a pleasure and honor to share our Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy experience and expertise on Second Victims. Since 2010, with the master dissertation of Deborah Seys, it all started for us. Later the PhD Study of Eva Van Gerven and our international colleboration with our US, Italian, Scandinavian, Irish, Spanish, UK and Dutch colleagues lead to some landmark papers in the field.

During this ISQUA webinar I gave an overview on our work. Although it was me speaking to the international community, this webinar was the result of real teamwork over the past 7 years. As I mentioned in a tweet #ProbablyTheBestTeamInTheWorld !

If you missed the webinar, WATCH IT HERE FOR FREE and if you want to find out more, come and listen & talk to us during the 2017 ISQUA Conference in London.

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