If you want to take a look at some of my pictures, you can find a recent update at INSTAGRAM or at Flickr. Including pics of my wonderful children ManonToon, but also about Coffee & Cappuccino, and off course Quality, People, Places, Doors, Nature and so much more, even some SOTD. Most of these pics are taken with my IPhone 5S or Canon EOS 550D. So watch out if I am around …

Some older photography projects can still be found here, including my pathway pictures.

“Il est clair que le gris est noir.”
Stephan Vanfleteren

“Zien … en fotograferen is te laat. Je moet vóórzien en fotograferen.”
Herman Selleslags

“Het mooiste licht … is tegenlicht!”
Michiel Hendryckx

Pictures of me on this site are by @PeterDeSchryver